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We connect phonograph and gramophone enthusiasts!

Welcome to PhonoJack!  ☺

As you explore the PhonoJack site, don't take it too seriously. Please smile as you read about the men and machines in the early Phonograph industry.  During their venture-stage years, some of the great inventors involved with phonographs including Thomas Edison, Emile Berliner, Charles Sumner Tainter and Alexander Graham Bell all worked in the same "Charles Williams Building". This was birthplace of Bell's telephone and Edison's first patented device, the vote recorder located at 109 Court Street in Boston.  There's a small monument to Alexander Graham Bell nearby. There's no doubt their experience with telegraphs and telephones prompted them to develop phonograph technology. I'm hooked on a variety of people and machines in the antique phonograph hobby. 

Look around. When you find something of interest, click on the thumbnail photo or bold underlined link.  If you see any bugs, please let me know. Thank you!   Jack

It all began with Thomas Alva Edison
  • Born Milan, OH 1847; died West Orange, NJ 1931
  • One of the most prolific inventors ever
  • Inventor, Entrepreneur, Motivator and Successful Businessman; he followed thru while others talked!
  • The phonograph was his favorite invention.
  • Great American
Edison family of Phonographs
Kreusi Tinfoil Model
  • First manufactured 1877; ceased 1929
  • Edison Tin Foil phonographs
  • Edison Cylinder phonographs
  • Edison Disc phonographs
  • Family of phonograph machines
  • Sitting on top of rare RCA Victor 45 9W51

Founders, business pioneers of Victor Talking Machine & RCA Victor
A brief history of some key individuals who helped create the phonograph, gramophone and recording entertainment industry. Double click on any of these photos for more info.

Eldridge R Johnson     Emile Berliner      William B. Owen      David Sarnoff     

RCA Victor EY-2

The Fabulous RCA Victrola "45"
A special welcome if you're looking for info about the Fabulous RCA Victrola "45" family of record changers and phonographs. To go to the PhonoJack collection, click this RCA 45 EY-2 

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