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We connect phonograph and gramophone enthusiasts!

Phonograph Shows, Collections and Clubs
Here are some links to antique phonograph shows, visits to phonograph collectors, some phono-related museums and local club meetings.  My interest is the research, repair and restoration of phonographs and gramophones and the biographies of some of the leaders of the companies that developed, manufactured and sold these machines. 

These are full size images so be sure to maximize your screen size, typically by clicking the square box in the upper right corner of your screen. You can also save the .wmv file to your PC and then view later optimum performance.   Turn up your speakers, then click any link below.


Antique Phonograph Shows:
      Mechanical Music Extravaganza (MME) Wayne NJ Show October 2008
      MME Evening with Charley Hummel Halloween Theme October 2008
      Mechanical Music Extravaganza (MME) Pre-Show Parking Lot  April 2008
      MME Evening with Charley Hummel April 2008 NEW!

      Mechanical Music Extravaganza 2008 Show, Wayne NJ April 2008

*** Orlando Antique Phonograph Show, large file, January 2011 NEW!
      Orlando Antique Phonograph Show, Two days, large file, January 2009
      Orlando Antique Phonograph Show, Pre-Show! 1 of 2 January 2008

      Orlando Antique Phonograph Show, Showtime! 2 of 2 January 2008

      Orlando Antique Phonograph Show, January 2007
      Orlando Antique Phonograph Show, January 2004
      Automated Music Show, Danbury CT,   April 2004
      Automated Music Show, Danbury CT,  August 2009

      A Visit with Bill and Wendy, May 2006, updated May 2008
      Click here to see Bobby Barnes Collection, July 2007
      Some of Charlie McCarn's Incredible Collection, July 2007

Massachusetts Old Colony Antique Phonograph Society (MOCAPS) - a MAPS affiliate:

        Organization  Meeting at Bruce Young's House April 2006
        Spring   2007 Meeting at Don H.'s House April 2007
        Summer 2007 Meeting at Little Olde Schoolhouse, Hanson MA
        Autumn 2007 Meeting at Jack W.'s House, November 2007
        Spring   2008 Meeting at Bob V.'s  House, March 2008
        Summer 2008 Meeting at Rich T.'s House, June 2008
 Summer 2008 Meeting at Ron R.'s House,  August 2008
____ Autumn 2008 Meeting Little Olde Schoolhouse, Kinetoscopes Sept 2008
____ Spring   2009 Meeting at Don H's house, May 2009
        Winter  2009 Meeting at Ron R's house, December 2009

____ Spring  2010 Meeting at Jack W's house, March 2010
***   Spring  2011 Meeting at Robert R's house, April 2011

***   Summer  2011 Meeting at Barry K's house, July 2011

Special hello to Michigan Antique Phonograph Society (MAPS) and all of the affiliated MAPS chapters across the USA and phono-enthusiasts around the world. 

Phono Museums and Estates:
***  Alan Douglas' Antique Radio Museum and Library (by appointment)  June 2011 NEW
***  John Hays Hammond Castle Museum, Gloucester, MA May 2011  NEW
***  Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of CT April 2010 NEW
        Music House Museum, Traverse City, MI September 2009

        While in Michigan take a trip up to Mackinac Island, MI Sept. 2009
        Edison National Historic Site, West Orange, NJ October 2008
        Edison Estate Glenmont, West Orange, NJ October 2008
        Edison Ford Winter Estates, Ft. Myers FL, New Years Day 2008
        Edison Ford Winter Estates, Ft. Myers FL
        Click here to see Emile Berliner Museum in Montreal, Quebec  


The Future of Antique Radios & Phonographs
Here are links to two unique videos that presents some uncommon insight and observations when I was recently allowed to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with some very bright, creative and talented under-graduate and graduate students who want to learn about antique radio and phono technology.  The course is taught by Ron Roscoe, an excellent Professor, antique radio and phonograph enthusiast and good friend.  Ron is helping develop the next generation of America’s finest engineers some of whom will carry on the tradition of antique radio research, repair and restoration.  

***  RF Design Lab from MIT, outing to Professor Roscoe's home,  May 2011 NEW
        PhonoJack goes to MIT, Intro to Radio Frequency Design Lab, May 2010

Antique Phonograph Clubs
Below are links to three of my favorite Antique Phonograph Clubs to which I belong.   Normally, I wouldn't join any club that would allow someone like me to be a member!

  Michigan Antique Phonograph Society

California Antique Phonograph Society CAPS

City of  London Phonograph & Gramophone Society


Forums and Discussion Boards  Below are links to some of my favorite Forums and Discussion Boards.  Please click on any of the icons below and you'll automatically link to the appropriate site.

Antique Radio - The Collectors Resource

The OnLine Edison Phonograph Discussion Board

Tube Radio Forum

Video Karma


Friends of Thomas Edison National Historic Park 

Friends of Thomas Edison National Historic Park 

A little personal plug for our Friends of Thomas Edison National Historic Park!

Photos from MOCAPS Meetings:

The original Bill 'n Ron from Tin Foil Alley!

Bill Floyd recording Ron L'Herault's rendition of Al Jolson's s Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody at a meeting of the Massachusetts Old Colony Antique Phonograph Society, a MAPS affiliate. 

Here's the gang that had just completed the charter meeting of the Massachusetts Old Colony Antique Phonograph Society (MOCAPS) the local chapter affiliated with the Michigan Antique Phonograph Society (MAPS).  


Here's the Massachusetts Old Colony Antique Phonograph Society again. Membership is growing, putting on a few pounds after a long winter. 

Click here: Spring 2007 meeting. 

The stars of the Summer 2007 meeting held at the Hanson MA Historical Society were this family of machines, the Victor I thru VI. Hmmm, one is missing in the photo.

Click here: for the Summer 2007 meeting.

Below is photo taken at recent MOCAPS meeting:   Click Photo to enlarge.

 MOCAPS Meeting

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